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John was an old man. He was writing 50 or 60 years after the death of Christ. Perhaps John was the youngest apostle. And perhaps he was the last apostle who was still alive. He had made his home in the city of Ephesus.  The people who received John’s letter::  John was in Ephesus when he wrote this letter. He set it to the Churches in that region. He wrote to the Christians in those Churches. He knew them well and loved them. He thought of them as his own family. So he spoke to them as if he was speaking to his children.

The reasons why John wrote this letter::  ome people in those Churches believed wrong things. The people who had taught them these wrong things had been members of the Church. However, they had moved away from the faith and had left the Church (1 John 2:19). So John intended to correct these wrong ideas in his letter.

One wrong idea was that Christ was not really man. He seemed to be man but was not a real man. John taught quite clearly that the Son of God came as a real man.