·        Undefeated Professional Boxer

·        “Over 100 Baptisms in 1 Year” Award from Texas Baptist Convention

·        Honorably Discharged US Army Officer

·        Computer Industry Pioneer & Entrepreneur Millionaire

·        Professed Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior and Baptized 1971

·        Awarded Global Peace Prize: Novena University, Nigeria

·        Newspaper  & Book Publisher since 1966

·        Retired Senior Pastor of 5 Churches in Texas & International Evangelist since 1971

·        Ordination to the Ministry,  First Baptist Church,  Houston, Texas

·        Winner “Fastest Growing Sunday School” Tarrant County Baptist


·        Professor of the Year: Paul Quinn College

·        President, English Honor Society, University of Texas at Arlington

·        President, Faculty Association, Tarrant County College

·        Retired College Professor & President of 3 Universities

·        Awarded Educational Leadership Medal: School of Education, University of Texas at Austin

·        Winner of the Primary for US Congress from Texas District 6 (2008)

·        Consultant to Business, Church and Government Agencies

·        Radio & TV Host & Performer since 1952

·        Member, Board of Directors, Sickle Cell Foundation

·        Awarded 2014 & 2015 “Master Lecturer”: School Education, University of Texas at Austin

·        Professor of English at 8 colleges in Texas



Degrees from City University of New York; Blackstone School of Law; Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; University of Dallas; Southern Methodist University;


Certificates from Columbia University (NYC); University of Pennsylvania; University of Texas at Austin; International Society of Management; NCR Programming School; Honeywell Computer Programming School; Officer Candidate School (OCS)