Evolution – A New Religion & A Trillion Dollar Business! Exciting News!  From the same people that gave you …
The Ford Pinto
Nebraska Man
The World is Flat
Piltdown Man
The New York Times “list of mistakes”
Electric Shock Treatment

The Oedipus Complex

Black Holes & Much More 
Now give you (drum roll) a new religion and a trillion dollar business…   Evolution!
For more information about this new religion & trillion dollar business, please see the Evolution page of  London Press www.londonpress.net  .  Have fun and laugh out loud at Evolution!

Howdy Folks,

 Reading a story in Conde Nast about the First Couple of Iceland, I was impressed with the question: Who would want to live in Iceland?  I was amazed by the answer.  There are no termites in Iceland!  Ludwig Otto talks about termites and other little critters that according to some scientists fit into the evolutionary chain.  You decide for your self after reading his book, or attending one of his church seminars.

Dr. Ludwig Otto’s new book Evolution: A New Religion is now available at the Evolution page of  London Press www.londonpress.net .  Dr. Otto will also come to your church in Iceland, or anywhere else.  Give him a call at 817/494-3708 or email ludwigotto@sbcglobal.net .  You will enjoy his poking fun (and holes) in evolutionary theory.