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Ever wonder why some people face challenges and never shudder?

·        Discover Mother Teresa As She Lectures President Bill Clinton About Abortion

·        Three No-Frills Charter Schools In Oakland Mock Liberal Orthodoxy -- And Produce Some Of California‚Äôs Top Scores

·        Texas Woman Told To Remove 'Offensive' American Flag

·        Burke, the English  & the French Revolution

·        Michelle Malkin Makes News When She Calls President Obama Soft On Muslims

·        Poet Who Was Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know

·        A Teenager Fights a Giant and Wins

·        How Did Shakespeare Introduce Interracial Marriage In 1600?

·        Noah Builds A Huge Boat on Dry Land

·        Alan Caruba will tell us why many of our fellow Americans are too stupid to trust with the great affairs of this nation

·        Colin Powell: 5 Star General Who Never Went to West Point

·        The Murderer Who Helped Change the World

·        Billionaires Who Never Went to College



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