Legal Analyst and retired JAG officer and WMU-Cooley Law School Associate Dean. Available to discuss military justice and military law protocols following charges against Major Golsteyn

WMU-Cooley Associate Dean and retired JAG officer Brigadier General Michael C.H. McDaniel, who served in the Pentagon as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Homeland Defense is available to speak with members of the media regarding murder charges being filed against former Army commando Major Mathew Golsteyn.  Golsteyn is charged with murder for allegedly killing an Afghan militant suspected in the deaths of two Marines.  It is believed that Golsteyn shot and destroyed his body.

“On Sunday, Dec. 16, President Trump Tweeted that he would ‘be reviewing the case of a U.S. Military hero,’” said McDaniel, who has vast experience with the military court system. “The military court system should be allowed to run its course without interference or prejudice. Our military system of justice is handled by some of the best legal minds in the country. We owe it to our citizens and those in Afghanistan, who we are there to protect, to make sure all laws are handled in a fair manner. We can not allow anyone, including our military members, to retaliate or influence in ways that are unethical and go against the nation’s laws.”

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Legal Analyst & AG Officer

The Scientific Proof Of God: How To End Unemployment And Confirm God Exists  by ROBERT BURK

The Scientific Proof Of God:
How often has it been said: believing in God is not rational, faith is belief without evidence, the existence of God is not and cannot be proven and if a person believes in God they do so without justification.

How often do Christians, when Christianity and science seem to be at odds support the science position?

Science has come to define the faith of modern man. We think science is based on evidence but this foundation even according to scientists is forever shifting. It seems many Christians believe that when science conflicts with Christianity it is Christianity that must change.

Truth was not always what scientists said. There was a time when mankind had faith in something greater than what would register on the dial of a machine. There was faith in our own ability to discern the truth. There was a time when we believed in God and the truth He revealed to us. However, was this faith in our unique ability to discern the truth due to a primitiveness of mind, many now think so? Perhaps, a fear of the unknown led us to believe there was a benevolence hidden in the great expanse of the universe. Many people are convinced science has both freed and strengthened us. Mankind rears up ready to exercise his collective scientific muscle. Perhaps this new faith rests on nothing more than a different sort of hope? Perhaps we do not comprehend the cost of rejecting God.

Armed with the sword of logic and the breastplate of experimentation a large contingent of modern men and women stand ready to contend one on one with the forces of nature. They are poorly equipped.

Robert Chisholm Geddes, Bedworth, Warwickshir, United Kingdom THE END