Born Poor: American Success Stories

Ludwig Otto


 The American Management Association estimated that managers spend 24 % of their time dealing with conflict.   Researchers frequently discuss different conflict management styles and have concluded that the most frequent is Avoiding.  If conflict raises its questioning face then avoid the potentially disagreeable issue.  Don’t challenge it.  Don’t try to understand it.  Avoid conflict at all cost.  The hope is that eventually it will solve itself and go away. 

The USA is facing a conflict that has more destructive power than any world war, or Islamic terrorist group.  The conflict is now and will be for some time to come the Great Educational Divide.  Students from poor families are being told that it is acceptable to fail.  In the city of Detroit, Michigan only 23% of poor, minority students are graduating from high school (2000 – 2008 Department of Education statistics).  The problem is that they are not told that they can succeed.  They are not motivated to succeed!  This book can help anyone who is poor and undereducated.  This book Born Poor: American Success Stories is written to tell the dramatic story of poor Americans who have succeeded in spite of overwhelming odds against them.   We want to get this book into the hands of teachers, administrators, students and parents.  Students can only be motivated to succeed from the inside out and this book can begin the process.