How to Protect Your Children

What others are saying

 Evangelist Billy Graham - "In today's world, this tool which you have authored will certainly be valuable in encouraging parents to build strong, enduring relationships with their children."

Dr. James T. Draper (Pastor, First Baptist Church, Euless, Texas; President of the Southern Baptist Convention; and President of Life Way / Sunday School Board) - "I have known Ludwig Otto for over 30 Years.  I know him as a fellow pastor and educator.  He has a heart for souls."

Dr. Paige Patterson (President, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) - "Some books you can take or leave.  Other books ought not to be read.  This book should by all means be read.  It is much overdue. .  In a day when some have begun to call into question the evangelization and discipleship of children, Dr. Otto, pastor of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church in Amarillo, Texas has faced the issues from a theological, biblical, and experiential perspective.  The conclusions he draws here are not only significant, but ought to be read by every pastor and every parent."
Dr. Paul Stripling (Executive Director Waco Baptist Association) - "Please forgive the delay in returning your material-but I did want to read it in its entirety.  It is excellent material and I want you to know how very supportive I am of the work that you are doing in preparation of this book.  Again, thank you for the compliment in sending the material to me-and giving me a chance to pursue and read this outstanding and pertinent information.  I think that there has never been a time that we need to show them the importance of reaching our children-the time is now!"
Rev. James A. Gray, Sr. (Pastor, Council, Idaho) – This book has truly blessed my heart.  I plan to use it in my church.
Rev. Joe Hawn (Minister to the Deaf, Baptist Convention of New Mexico) – I thought the book was real good.  It is sure a needed book and will be of help to a number of folks.

Rev. Dale Burris (Pastor, Willow Park Baptist Church) – It is good to know that God desires to deal with all of us in our childhood and that children are given a special ability to believe God.  May we take the principles prescribed in this volume and tap the untapped resources of childhood faith.”
Ernest Parrish (President, Parrish Oil Field Services, Dickinson, North Dakota) I used quotes from your book at our City Council meeting.
Detective Merrill Gilbert (Amarillo, Texas)  - "This book has a message for every parent who is concerned about their children growing up in the kind of world we live in."
Sheriff Ron McGee (Noble County, Oklahoma) - "This book has opened me up, personally, to the need and has inspired me to action."
Mary Kay (founder, Mary Kay Cosmetics) - "The Lord Jesus is evident in your testimony."
Evangelist Leighton Ford - "The love of Jesus flows through your ministry."
Professor James Eaves - "You are writing in a very needed area."
Dr. Curt Dodd (Pastor, Texas & Colorado) - "I believe in your ministry."
Dr. Bailey Smith (Pastor, President of Southern Baptist Convention, Evangelist) - "I love your little book.  It elevates the home and lifts up Christ."
Dr. W. A. Criswell (Pastor, First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas) - "You have a marvelous presentation and a God-blessed message."
Evangelist Ruth Carter Stapleton  - "I thank Jesus for honoring your faithfulness to Him."
Rev. Jerry Falwell (Pastor, Evangelist, President of Liberty University & The Moral Majority) - "I am praying for your ministry."
Dr. John Bisango (Pastor, First Baptist Church, Houston, Texas)  - "I ordained Ludwig Otto to the Gospel ministry."
Rev. Stan Coffey (Pastor, San Jacinto Baptist Church, Amarillo, Texas & leader in national baptisms for many years)  - "God will use your testimony."
Evangelist & Prison Ministry Leader Bill Glass (former NFL All Pro & former college football All American) - I am looking forward to your work.